Management board

Zinner GmbH is one of Germany’s famous “Mittelstand” or medium sized companies. It has a highly motivated team of people who will meticulously master the requirements you face.

Karl Zinner starts a one-man business to put his lengthy experience in metal cutting to good use for his own tools. His developments were particularly focussed on cut-off tools but he also developed tools for milling and boring for which he successfully registered patents world-wide and which won him international recognition.

ZINNER GmbH Precision Tools founded.

Zinner GmbH develops and manufactures high quality products which it then markets across the world. Its broad product range extends from a standard programme containing 50,000 articles through to semi-standard and special tools manufactured to meet customers’ requirements.

At the heart of the grooving, turning boring and milling tools made by Zinner GmbH is the patented self-clamping system with force deflection and a fixed stop. Product names such as “System RC“ and “System Turn-Cut“ are renowned for maximum efficiency in the areas of grooving, parting and axial grooving.

We have transformed the confidence which our customers have shown us for very many years into our company philosophy so that we and our staff are always at pains to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved by high-quality cutting tools.