Boring tools

Zinner has a comprehensive range of HSS and carbide boring tools.

The extensive spectrum of tools in the Zinner boring system enables you to find the right boring tool for your special job.

Boring crown

Boring crown are needed to make large holes on low-power milling machines or drills.

Features of the modular drill

The positioning of the inserts is optimised for a balanced distribution of cutting forces. The generous chip space ensures efficient chip removal. The diameter range is from 16 mm - 58 mm.
Reamers are designed to optimise work processes – boring and reaming in one process.

Tool systems

Twist drills in solid carbide and HSS for mild and stainless steels. Deep hole drills up to 30 x D in solid carbide. 3-lipped drills for grey cast iron and aluminium alloys. Modular drills for various coatings for particular machining situations.

  • Solid carbide drills
  • High speed steel drills (HSS)
  • Exchangeable tip drills
  • Solid carbide end mills
  • Polycrystalline diamond drills (PCD drills)
  • Modular drills
  • Deep hole drills