Axial grooving

Technical information

Axial grooving is among the most technically difficult machining process in the whole field of metal removal.

In this process the chip, once removed, must overcome not just the shaping of the material but also the circular movement. It is particularly important that the machining should always commence at the outer diameter of the axial groove as tool stability is in direct proportion to the diameter.

It is preferable for the tool to be used underneath the work-piece so that the chips can fall downwards without obstruction.

Tool systems

The S System is a modular tool system which offers innumerable possibilities to the user. The cutting tips for this system are ground to a sharp edge and produce an excellent surface quality. It goes without saying that the cutting tips can be supplied with all required corner radii.

The RC System is screw clamped; the cutting tip is securely clamped into position so that it cannot fall out. When rough turning, grooving depths of up to 100 mm are standard. When turning larger diameters we are also able to achieve grooving depths of 150 mm.