Terms and conditions

1. Prices
The indication of price in the price-list is in euros (€). The prices of the respective last valid price-list are to be considered. The prices are net-prices and do not include the respective effectual VAT. The prices are quoted ex works, packing and freight charges re excluded. The prices apply to ordinary quality and size according to the catalogue. If the orderer deviates from these standards, a new price assessment is made by the seller without any explicit previous notice.

2. Offer
If the seller allows an exceptional offer for a particular product, he is bound to it when the offer on the part of the orderer is accepted within the period of 14 days starting with the day of the offer. Acceptances coming in afterwards do not lead to an obligation.

3. Placing of orders
In placing the order the orderer / purchaser agrees – even without explicit consent – to the aforesaid conditions.

4. Delivery
Delivery dates and time limits are to be confirmed in written or vocally form. If the time of delivery cannot be met in case of force majeure (war, strike, business disruption, etc.), the agreed delivery dates or time limits are no longer binding and additionally, in particular cases, the seller / supplier is entitled to withdraw from the execution of the orders or to carry out partial deliveries.

The minimum order value is € 25,- net (national) respectively € 50,- net (foreign countries) under this amount there follows no order processing.

5. Service charge
Service charge for small orders / Outside Germany (foreign country) Our favorable princes oblige us to raise the herein after called service charges for small orders (customs form, issuing of customs documents, bank charges), as these costs could not be absorbed our extremely narrow calculation.

Service charge for Germany Service charge for Foreign countries  
Up to 75,- € net per order and delivery 15,- € 25,- €  
Up to 250,- € net per order and delivery --- 15,- €  
Up to 500,- € net per order and delivery --- 10,- €  

Please try to pool your orders, so that you and we avoid considerable costs.

6. Payment
The payment of the delivery has - provided that differently does not agree - to occur 10 days after calculation date with 2% of discount payment or within 30 days. Changes are accepted only in consultation with us. With default are is entitled to require interest with 2% about the respective land minimum lending rate from the invoice amount.

7. Transfer of perils
At the point of transfer to the carrier, the risk is transferred to the orderer / purchaser. This also applies to deliveries free from transportation charges. Unless otherwise agreed, the dispatch is effected on account of the purchaser / orderer. On request of the orderer the delivery will be insured at his cost against theft, breakage, transport and fire and water damage as well as against other insurable risks.

8. Property reservation
The supplier / seller retains the ownership of the delivery item / object of purchase until all demands are fulfilled. In case of an agreed partial delivery, all partial deliveries shall be in the possession of the supplier / seller until all partial deliveries are paid. The passage of title of the partial deliveries is not effected until after the payment of the last partial delivery. The setting of single demand in a current invoice, as well as the balance drawing and their recognition do not touch the retention of title. The buyer is entitled to the wide disposal of the reservation product in the normal business dealings, a pledge or protective conveyance is not permitted to the buyer / customer, nevertheless.

9. Withdrawal
If the orderer / purchaser does not collect the delivery item, the supplier / seller is entitled to allow an additional period of 14 days containing the statement that he refuses to execute the order after expiration of this additional period. After unsuccessful expiration of this extended period, the supplier / seller is entitled to withdraw from the agreement or to demand damages for non-performance by sending a written statement. If the orderer / purchaser seriously and finally refuses to receive the goods, an additional period is not allowed. If the supplier / seller demands damages, the damages amount to 20 % of the order price. The amount of damage is assessed higher or lower, if the supplier / seller proves a higher or the orderer / purchaser a lower damage.

10. Cancelation
If the orderer / purchaser cancels the contract, the written consent of the supplier / seller is needed in order for the cancellation to be valid. When the consent is given, the orderer / purchaser is obliged to compensate the supplier / seller in all costs thitherto incurred. In this case, the supplier / seller retains the ownership of drawings, models and so on by himself.

11. Packing
The packing charges are borne separately by the purchaser / orderer. The charging is effected at cost price.

12. Custom-made
She requires with order obliging specifications about execution, amount and so on in written form. For technical reasons we reserve ourselves a tradition or underdelivery of the order amount from up to 20%. Changes or cancelations are possible at the latest 3 days after confirmation date. Then changes and cancelations are possible only against calculations of the attacked expenses. Special executions are excluded from the return.

13. Sample consignment
Trial deliveries and sample deliveries are calculated. With return of tools their reason we do not have to represent, we calculate used and damaged shares, plus an administrative costs interest of 10% of the invoice amount.

14. Returns
The orderer / purchaser is allowed to return the goods only after a prior written agreement was reached between him and the supplier / seller. Without such a written agreement of the supplier / seller the costs of the return are to be borne by the orderer / purchaser. The supplier / seller is entitled not to accept returns sent freight collect. Custom-made products cannot be returned.

15. Trade-in-credit
If a trade-in-credit is allowed, the amount of the credit arises from the amount of the original invoice less 15 % service charges; however, the service charge is at € 15 minimum. If the goods are returned by virtue of a trade-in-credit agreement, the orderer purchaser is to bear all the costs thereby incurred.

16. Guarantee and liability for defects
We guarantee that the objects of delivery are according to the respective stand of the technology freely from mistakes. We take over no guarantee for the damages which have originated from inexpedient or improper use, nonobservance of application tips or faulty or negligent treatment. Our guarantee is cancelled for objects of delivery which the customer / buyer has changed without our cooperation or our written approval arbitrarily. Evident shortages are prompt to us to register, at the latest however, in writing 2 weeks after reception of the delivery; otherwise all shortage claims are excluded for this. In the business transport are valid in addition §377 / 378 German Commercial Codes. The customer / buyer has to send back us the reprimanded objects of delivery. If the shortage rebuke is raised on time and also is entitled, we will amend to the guarantee after our choice either the objects of delivery, or deliver other perfect goods and take over the forwarding expenses. If the finishing touches or subsequent delivery miss, the customer / buyer can require lowering of the reimbursement or after his choice cancellation of the contract. Compensation claims can be asserted in all cases, also by failed finishing touches or subsequent delivery only against us if intention or culpable negligence is a burden to us or if assured qualities are absent.

17. Legal venue and place of performance
Place of delivery for all liabilities from the contractual relationship is Nuremberg. The jurisdiction for all civil disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Nuremberg. It is worth German right (Civil Code and German Commercial Code). In cross-border transport of delivery is valid German right. The application of the uniform law about the international purchase movables is excluded.

18. Technical modifications
The seller / supplier explicitly reserves the right to make modifications to tools and machines if required. The orderer / purchaser cannot assert any rights from this.

19. Reprint
Stresses of the content of the price list or the catalogue, also in extracts, from pictures or subscriptions need the explicit written previous licence. With this price list or prices, all former price lists and offers lose her validity. The prices of this list can be changed without previous announcement. The supplier / shop assistant reserves himself to calculate the prices valid during the day to the delivery / alloy surcharges. Misprints and mistakes remain reserved.

Edition 2019


Returned goods / claims will only be processed with the form provided for this purpose.